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Prenatal Care Visits

Lincoln Pediatric Group in Lincoln, NE

If you would like to schedule a prenatal visit with one of our physicians, please call our office. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to get to know your new pediatrician better, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions about your new baby and how our office works. There is no charge for this visit.

Our Breast Feeding Clinic

Dr. Kay Anderson offers private breast feeding consultations in our office for new mothers who need help with breast feeding. Dr. Anderson is a board certified pediatrician who holds degrees as a registered nurse and in social work. She has practiced pediatrics since 1991 and has been with Lincoln Pediatric Group since 1998. Dr. Anderson nursed her daughters as a working mom, and has helped many mothers do the same over the years. She is excited to now devote her part-time practice to helping women breast feed their babies. In addition, she still spends time each week seeing your sick children as well as helping perform well-child checkups and school physicals. Call our office for information about these private breast feeding consultations.  Note: Insurance companies usually pay 100% of charges submitted for Women's Health which can include lactation consultations. When your newborn is seen at LPG for lactation consultations, we will be submitting those charges to insurance as an office visit for your child since we are a pediatric office and do not submit claims for Women's Health.  Please be aware that your insurance may not pay for a lactation consultation and may apply a copay or apply it to your child's deductible.

Dr. Anderson also offers breast feeding education classes prior to your child’s birth. These classes are scheduled in the evening at our office and last about one hour. The cost is $20 per couple and is not usually covered by insurance. Call our office for information on the class schedule. The topics covered in class are:

  • Tips for nursing in the hospital
  • What to expect during the first few days at home
  • How to keep milk flowing
  • Understanding the frequency and duration of feedings
  • How to latch your baby correctly
  • How to care for your breasts
  • Information on supplemental feedings
  • Recommended supplies


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