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Flu Vaccine

2015 Flu Vaccine

We have set up a few flu clinics starting October 16th and will add more as we receive more flu shipments.  You may call our office to schedule an appointment for one of the clinics.  Continue to check the website for updates on the Flu Clinics.  » Read more about: 2015 Flu Vaccine  »

Flu Vaccine is here

We now have a supply of all types of Flu Vaccine and are now scheduling appointments for both Flu Mist and Flu injectable for all ages and insurances.  Please speak to a receptionist to get your child scheduled for their annual Flu Vaccine.  » Read more about: Flu Vaccine is here  »


We now have a limited supply of FluMist and will be scheduling a few FluMist only clinics in October.  If your child is 4 years or older and has had FluMist in the past, please call to schedule them for a FluMist.  There is still a delay in shipments of injectable flu vaccine so we are not able to schedule clinics for this type of vaccine right now.  We will update everyone as soon as this changes.   » Read more about: FLU VACCINE UPDATE  »


We now have flu vaccine for all age groups and all insurances including Medicaid.  FluMist is available for selected patients age 24 months and older and Fluzone (injectable flu vaccine) is available for patients over 6 months of age and older.  Flu clinics have started and we are currently scheduling patients.  Please call our office soon to schedule your appointment.  Continue to check the website for updates on the flu vaccine availability.  » Read more about: FLU VACCINE NOW AVAILABLE  »