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Changes to Nebraska Medicaid

The state of Nebraska has selected Heritage Health as the new Medicaid program. Heritage Health will have insurance plans with UnitedHealthcare, Nebraska Total Care, and one other insurance company to provide Medicaid services.  ALL patients must enroll with Heritage Health to select an insurance plan and a doctor.
To keep your current doctor at Lincoln Pediatric Group you must enroll in Heritage Health and select an insurance plan and a doctor before 12/5/16.  » Read more about: Changes to Nebraska Medicaid  »

BCBS/CHI/St. Elizabeth

There has been lots of media attention lately regarding the contract dispute between Catholic Health Initiative (CHI) and Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS).  We felt it was important to provide some information for our patients as it relates to this issue.

Our office is NOT impacted by the contract dispute.  We are and will remain in the BCBS network and BCBS patients can continue to come to our office as an in-network BCBS provider.
The lab at our office,  » Read more about: BCBS/CHI/St. Elizabeth  »