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Flu Shot Clinics Available!

Flu shot clinics are now open for scheduling! Call our pediatric office today to schedule an appointment!  » Read more about: Flu Shot Clinics Available!  »

Flu Vaccine Update

We have received one small shipment of flu vaccine for patients 3 and older carrying private insurance. At this time, we are not scheduling flu clinics due to the small number of doses we have received. If your child is already coming in for an appointment and meets the criteria above, we will be happy to offer you the vaccine!
Please keep checking the website for updates. We hope to start our flu clinics in mid September!  » Read more about: Flu Vaccine Update  »

Phone Issues for Sprint Users

We are currently unable to reach any patients that have Sprint for their phone carrier. If you are expecting a call from our office and you have Sprint, please call into our pediatric office and let our receptionists know. They will be happy to transfer you to someone that can help you.
Thank you for your patience.  » Read more about: Phone Issues for Sprint Users  »

Phone Issues

We are currently experiencing issues with our phone system. If you call in and our phone system drops your call, please try back again. We have contacted our phone company and they are working to fix the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience and will update our page when the problem is resolved. Thank you!  » Read more about: Phone Issues  »

People’s City Mission Fundraiser

Attention Parents! Do you have an appointment with us between now and April 14th? We are participating in a fundraiser collecting new and used shoes for the People’s City Mission. Our collection bin is located right in our entryway. Feel free to clean out those closets and bring a donation in anytime. Thanks!  » Read more about: People’s City Mission Fundraiser  »

Power Restored

Our power is back on. Thank you for your patience!  » Read more about: Power Restored  »

Power Outage

Due to a power outage in our area, we are currently unavailable to take calls. We will update our page as soon as our power is back on. Thank you!  » Read more about: Power Outage  »

Appointment Policy for Minors

Teenagers under 19 years of age are minors and should be accompanied by a parent or guardian if possible. Paper work and questionnaires brought to the office should be signed by a guardian. A designee such as a relative may accompany your child if they have a signed note; we would encourage a guardian to be available by phone.  » Read more about: Appointment Policy for Minors  »


PLEASE READ! Due to a gas leak in our area, the fire department has ordered an evacuation of our building for the remainder of the day. We will be unable to assist you until 8am tomorrow morning. For questions for a nurse, you can teach telephone line to care at 402-219-7777 after 5pm. We apologize for the inconvenience.  » Read more about: OFFICE CLOSED  »

Closed for Inclement Weather

We will close today Monday January 16th at 3:30pm due to the weather in the area. We will re-open on Tuesday January 17th at 10:00 am.
Thank you and stay safe!  » Read more about: Closed for Inclement Weather  »