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Coronavirus Tips

Use these links to find the most up to date information regarding the Coronavirus in our community and country:
Watch this video from our very own Dr. Boucher, on how to protect your family from the Coronavirus!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWLHKAz_Ix8&list=PLqclgkBW2KhOO45FHiMsF0snkQ8yvPauE&index=3&t=0s  » Read more about: Coronavirus Tips  »

Allergy Season is Here

Allergy Season is Here……….The itchy eyes, runny nose, nonstop sneezing…..Go to the Is your Child Sick
tab and click on HayFever (nasal allergies) drop down option for suggestions on how to deal with your child’s seasonal allergies.  » Read more about: Allergy Season is Here  »