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Covid Public Health Emergency

The federal government confirmed May 11, 2023 as the end of the Covid Public Health Emergency (PHE).  Over the last three years, per PHE mandates, most insurance companies waived the cost share (copay, coinsurance or deductible) for covid testing and office visits that were ‘covid in nature’.  Beginning May 12, 2023 most insurance companies have made it known that they will no longer waive cost-share for covid testing and covid in nature office visits.  All covid testing and covid in nature visits will be paid in accordance with the patient’s standard medical benefits.

Per the Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Midlands Choice and United Healthcare websites, the Covid 19 vaccines and boosters will be considered as part of the patient’s preventive benefits. If your current insurance policy has a zero-dollar cost-share for immunizations, the Covid 19 vaccine or booster will be covered as well.

If your child is covered by Nebraska Medicaid, their coverage may be affected.

Please take a minute to review your family’s insurance coverage to see what changes will apply to your coverage in May. Every insurance policy is different, the information above is a general statement from information found on their websites.