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Covid Vaccine 6mo- 4yr

The COVID vaccine is now approved for all children 6 months and older.  Starting Monday June 27th, LPG is able to offer the COVID vaccine in office for patients 6 months-4 years of age.


  • Do LPG physicians recommend children receive the COVID-19 vaccine?
    • Yes, the physicians at LPG strongly recommend all eligible children to get vaccinated against COVID-19.


  • Which COVID vaccine is recommended for children?
    • The physicians at LPG support your child receiving either Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and we encourage you to get whichever one is offered to you.


  • Which vaccine will my child receive at LPG?
    • LPG is able to offer the Pfizer vaccine to all children 6 months and older.


  • What is the schedule for the Pfizer vaccine for 6 months-4 years age group?
    • The Pfizer vaccine is a 3 dose series:  at least 3 weeks between the first and second dose, and at least 8 weeks between the 2nd and 3rd dose.


  • How do I get my 6 month-4 year old scheduled for their COVID vaccine?
    • Due to limited availability of doses, we have limited appointment spots at this time.  Please call the office to check availability of vaccine appointment times.  We are actively working on opening more appointment spots in the coming weeks.


  • If my child has an upcoming routine well visit scheduled, can my child receive their COVID vaccine at that visit?
    • Yes, just mention to the clinical staff or provider at the time of the appointment if you desire to have your child vaccinated.


  • If my older child is scheduled for an upcoming physical, am I able to bring my younger child at the same time to receive their vaccine?
    • Please call the office to check if we can get the vaccine scheduled at the same time.  We will try to accommodate this as much as possible.


  • What if my child has a birthday in between vaccine doses or is 4 years old and about to turn 5 years old, which vaccine dose should they receive?
    • We encourage your child to get vaccinated as soon as eligible.  At LPG, we will administer the dose for what age your child is at the time the vaccine is being given.


  • Are there other places where my child may receive their vaccine?
    • Yes and we encourage you to receive the vaccine wherever you can get it that is most convenient for you.

Our office has been working with the health department in their plans to offer vaccines for the community.  Please check the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department website for additional information and appointment availability.  Families can register at www.covid19.lincoln.ne.gov or call the health department (402-441-4200) to be notified of public clinic appointments when available.

As with prior vaccine rollouts, area pharmacies will have the vaccine although there may be age limitations.

A good place to check appointment availability for vaccines is at www.vaccines.gov.


Please see the following website for further education.